SERGE JEVAGUINE – Uniting History, Art, Love and Fashion

Serge Jevaguine’s creations are luxurious, feminine, romantic and seductive; exuding a modern elegance inspired by history, art, and love.  Their collections of Bridal and Evening Gowns, made in Canada, have been captivating the attention of fashion admirers around the world since 2017 and the brand is now flourishing and positioned for strong growth. 


 The flawless gowns are made of the finest materials by a small team of artisan tailors. “Every little detail is important. Every stitch, every petal, every button is part of a puzzle we piece together with care and precision to make every dress perfect”, explains Larissa Jarvis, the brand’s creative director. Larissa Jarvis’ passion for design blossomed at a very early age.

As one of her family’s four generations of tailors, her passion for design blossomed at a very early age.  Larissa fondly reflects on her Grandmother’s teachings that the finest quality garments could be looked at proudly even ‘inside-out’, a memory she incorporates into her work to this day.  She began creating women’s bridal and evening gowns in Ukraine. With over 30 years of experience, graduating from top fashion schools, and a distinct penchant and skill for women’s couture, Larissa was named Creative Director of the Serge Jevaguine brand in 2017. 


Each Serge Jevaguine collection combines contemporary vision with an appreciation for the timeless, Serge expresses “I love to add a unique twist to classic designs and silhouettes that will never go out of style”.